W30A coffee roaster

Maximum efficiency and higher capacity options. This fully automatic W30A coffee roaster has a built-in Roast Profile System which makes it possible to create, save and repeat your roasting profiles. This is the perfect roasting solution for middle and large coffee roasteries. With a capacity of 30 kg green coffee beans, it can roast up to 120 kg of coffee beans per hour.

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Our W30A coffee roaster

W30A coffee roaster


With a capacity of 120 kg/h, it’s a great addition to roasteries that produce coffee on a larger scale.


Plan, repeat and save your roasting profile with our built-in Roast Profile System for the W30A.


The external cyclone removes the chaffs automatically from the roasted beans.

why people love our w30A coffee roaster

W30A Icoon

Easily adjust every aspect of the roasting process

W30A Icoon

Built-in Roast Profile System

W30A Icoon

Maximum efficiency, high capacity

W30A Icoon

Fully automatic

maximum efficiency &
more capacity

This relatively new addition to the Giesen family is a roaster with double the capacity of the W15A. The premix burner enables you to roast your beans with even more accuracy. 

Based on the demands of our customers

The roaster has a capacity to roast 30 kg per batch and contains a built-in Roast Profile System which gives you the possibility to create and repeat your roasting profile. 

You can also save your recipes and your roast profiles in this program. The external cyclone removes the chaffs automatically from the roasted beans. The optional pellet press will press your coffee chaffs into a disk for easy disposal. 

 With the capacity of 120 kg/h, it’s a valuable addition to any roastery that produces freshly roasted coffee on a larger scale. This is also a perfect solution for our customers who have outgrown the W15A and prefer to gradually increase their production capacity.


The Giesen W30A Coffee Roaster is designed to roast reliable, efficient and cost-effective. The machine is handmade by craftsman (like you) and built from high quality European steel and cast iron. The coffee roaster has a cast iron double walled drum with high-performance bearings. The whole machine is equipped with low noise fans and all parts are easy to clean and maintain.

 The advantage of the W30A is that the roasting process can be monitored via the control tower system, which can be operated with a touchscreen. You can easily adjust the temperature, power, fan speed and drum speed! All parameters are visible on the screen and every adjustment can be controlled. Even the physical under pressure in the roasting drum!  

Reliable, efficient & cost effective




15 – 30 kg


400 V – 50/60 Hz

3 phase

Gas type

Natural and propane


2 x 200 mm



1500 kg






Airflow Control

Experience the ultimate airflow control on all Giesen coffee roasters. Try lots of different ways to create your best roasting profile, while experimenting with advanced options. Standard included free of charge.

Drumspeed Control

Adjust the drumspeed on your Giesen roaster to gain even more control of your roasting process. Combined with the airflow control you can create consistent roasting profiles. Standard included free of charge.

Roaster Control

Roaster Control

Our control panel is easy to use and displays all relevant parameters. Making it possible to control actual and automatically set the target temperatures. Keeping the quality of your roasts consistent. 

Low Noise

Low Noise Roasting

Our roasters are equipped with low noise fans, to maintain a low noise level. 


Fast cooling option

Quickly cool down your coffee beans with our fast cooling option, to preserve maximum freshness and quality of your coffee beans.

Roast Green

We offer state-of-the-art burner technology and sustainable roasting solutions to roast green. Better for the environment and lowers operating costs.