W140A coffee roaster

The newest machine in the Giesen collection is the W140A coffee roaster, developed in 2017 in order to meet our clients wishes. Because we value our customers, we put their feedback together with our knowledge and experience and the result is amazing.

Our W140A is designed to fit your needs and improve your roasting experience. That’s why we included the latest roasting technology and great new features that offer you maximum control. Our W140A has a capacity of 140 kg per batch and can roast up to 560 kg/h.

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Our W140A coffee roaster


Latest roasting technology & features

Developed in 2017 and designed to your needs. Roast large amounts of coffee with the latest roasting technology and great features.

Handmade craftsmanship

Our biggest roaster has the Giesen requirements. Because it was handmade by craftsman it has the highest quality materials.


Our W140A coffee roaster has a capacity of 140 kg per batch and can roast up to 560 kg/h.

why people love our W140A Coffee Roaster

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Operated fully automatic

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Capacity (double capacity W60A)

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Latest technology (developed in 2017)

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Water injection (to speed up cooling process)

latest roasting technology

W140A Coffee Roaster

Our Giesen W140A coffee roaster is completely automated. The Green Coffee Conveyor with weighing cells, weighs your beans and transports them to the machine. The coffee beans can be roasted up to 140 kg per batch, which is more than twice as much as the W60A.

Completely adjustable

The roast profile is completely adjustable with drum speed control and airflow control. The low stationary burner makes it possible to control the temperature very accurately. The optional pellet press will press your coffee chaff into a easy to dispose disk. And the water injection option for the drum will speed up the cooling process even more. For additional security, you can add an emergency generator to keep downtime due to power failure to a minimum.

save & replay roast recipes

The roasting process is monitored and programmed with the control panel, using the Giesen Profiler Due to the size of the W140A the control panel is to suit the new coffee roaster. To clarify: Implemented in the panel are two screens, one for the roast profiling system and one to control the coffee roaster.

Roast recipes are saved into the roast profiling system as roast profile and replayed, each with their own settings or always the same settings for the same high-quality outcome. You can adjust every setting at every moment during roasting or add actions. Actions are programmed in advance. When a certain value is reached, a certain action will follow. For instance, your beans reach 120 degrees, the temperature drops with 30 degrees.


The W140A coffee roaster measures 1,26 meter width, 3 meters length and 2,2 meters height. So with all the extra equipment, the roaster will need about 64 m2.

The W140A coffee roaster has a partially cast iron drum with high- performance bearings. It can be equipped with the following new optional features; water injection in the drum in the cooling sieve to speed up the cooling process. As well as The green coffee conveyor with weighing cells that transports your beans automatically to the machine or with a pellet press to compactly dispose of your coffee chaff.  

Standard equipment like the low stationary burner, low noise fans and drum speed control are also featured in this coffee roaster. Additionally, the roaster works with an external cyclone with an automatic sluice to collect the chaff.





35 – 140 kilograms


400 V – 50 Hz, 32A +16A
3-phase + N and Earth

Gas type

Natural and propane


200 mm + 300 mm



2000+ kg



Airflow Control

Experience the ultimate airflow control on all Giesen coffee roasters. Try lots of different ways to create your ideal roasting profile, while experimenting with advanced options. Standard included free of charge.

Drumspeed Control

Adjust the drumspeed on your Giesen roaster to gain even more control of your roasting process. Combined with the airflow control you can create consistent roasting profiles. Standard included free of charge.

Roaster Control

Roaster Control

Our control panel is easy to use and displays all relevant parameters. Making it possible to control actual and automatically set the target temperatures. Keeping the quality of your roasts consistent. 

Low Noise

Low Noise Roasting

Our roasters are equipped with low noise fans, to maintain a low noise level. 


Fast cooling option

Quickly cool down your coffee beans with our fast cooling option, to preserve maximum freshness and quality of your coffee beans.

Roast Green

We offer state-of-the-art burner technology and sustainable roasting solutions to roast green. Better for the environment and lowers operating costs.

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