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Roast Profile Software

maximum control

 The Roast Profile System is easy to use and gives you maximum control over your roasting process. The Roast Profile System has a secondary control panel, where you can store all your recipes and roast profiles. With the Roast Profile System you are able to prepare all settings for a roast. Like: set temperature, power, fan speed and drum speed. It is also possible to monitor all settings during a roast. Real-time roast information combined with visual graphics. 


The great advantage of the Roast Profile System is that you can record a roast with all the related settings. This makes it possible to repeat the same proven roast recipe again and again with different batches. In this way your company will be able to maintain and match the exact quality level of your roasted coffee beans. All Giesen Coffee Roasters are equipped with a control panel that allows you to prepare the settings of the roast. This is a manual system. When you roast professionally, it might not always suit your business the best to set up and roast manually. This is why all Giesen Coffee Roasters can also be controlled in a (semi)automatic manner using the Roast Profile System.


The Giesen Roast Profile System is a roaster equipment that is plugged into the coffee roaster directly to render your coffee roast automatically.

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