Service & Support

We offer you an excellent service and support system via chat, telephone or email. If you’re in need of support you can create an account for our support portal. Just click on the button and the rest will follow. 


We have a lot of articles published on solving problems of your roaster

Personal guidance

Whatever the problem is, our supportteam will guide you through


In case of emergency our supportteam is available 24/7

Personal service and support

We want our coffee roasters to work perfectly and you to roast carefree. That’s why we offer the best service and support. If you buy a Giesen coffee roaster you can be assured that we will accompany you from the beginning to the end.

Although Giesen Coffee Roasters is becoming a well-known brand, our way of working remained the same; informal and with a personal approach. We combine Dutch craftsmanship with family values and a no- nonsense mentality. We treat every customer, small or large, in the same professional way. 

If you encounter any mechanical or technical problems with your coffee roaster, it is a priority for us to help you to get your Giesen coffee roaster up and running as soon as possible. That is why our support team is available for you. The supportdesk can be reached by phone, email, our website or Facebook messenger. 

We also offer a service plan which contains technical support and cleaning maintenance by Giesen-certified mechanics. Contact us for the possibilities or read more in our service and maintenance agreement brochure. 

Where can I get support?

sERVICE and support

Emergency Support

In case of emergencies our supportteam is available.

Online support

Easy, fast and personal online support.

Yearly maintenance

Yearly check-up by Giesen-certified mechanics.

Reduces malfunction

Enhance the operating life of your machine and reduces malfunction.


10% discount on spare parts.

When is our service plan a perfect match for you?

Maintenance of your roaster is as important as regular oil changes for your car. But it takes time. Time you can better spend on finding the perfect roast. That’s why we introduce the Giesen service plan. You can fully focus on roasting, knowing your coffee roaster is in good hands. Save precious time, energy and money. With the Giesen service plan, you can roast carefree without worrying about the maintenance of your coffee roaster.