Sample Roaster

Experiment, test and compare with our sample roaster. This sample roaster allows you to retrieve data and create a roasting profile. Available in two variations, the WPG1 gas roaster and the WPE1 electric roaster.

Roasting equipment

Enhance your roasting experience with our roasting equipment. We know it’s easier to work with the right set of tools!

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Our sample coffee roasters


Cooling trays

Designed with three cooling trays it is the perfect roaster to compare different samples side by side.


This roaster has a capacity of 50-200 gr. per batch.

Control your roasting process

The WPG1 & WPE1 are sample roasters that allow you to retrieve data and create a roasting profile. By controlling drum speed, airspeed and temperature, you can control the entire roasting process. The optional infrared sensor makes measurements of the coffee bean temperature extremely accurate. Available in two variations, the WPG1 gas roaster and the WPE1 electric roaster.

why people love our sample roasters

Sample 2

Compact size (great for events)

Sample 2

Compare samples side by side

Sample 2

Reduces emission & operating costs

*WPE1 *WPG1 with SFE filter

Sample 2

Retrieve data and create a roasting profile

friendly & custOMIZABLE

To help you find your perfect roast, we designed our sample roasters with a few simple criteria in mind: user-friendly control optionsfit in everywhere and it got to be nice to look atThis resulted in our WPG1 & WPE1.

Fit in everywhere & fully customizable

This compact model measures 75 x 47 x 75 cm and weighs 85 kg. The WPG1 & WPE1 are great eyecatchers in your coffeeshop, perfect to use for workshops or bring to events. If you want to add your own look and feel, we offer a lot of great design and customization options. One roaster with many design options!

And as a finishing touch we designed a presentation table for our sample roaster. And yes the table is also fully customizable. Don’t know what to choose?  Check out our customization page for more information and inspiration. It’s filled with design ideas. 


Our WPE1 is an electric roaster which reduces emission, use of energy and lowers your operating costs. The WPE1 is designed to roast indoors without gas and is easy to install. No contractors or permits required.  

We also offer solutions to reduce emission and roast eco-friendly with our WPG1 gas roaster. By adding a SFE filter to your WPG1,  you can reduce smoke and fine dust with 90%. The absorption of smoke also reduces the odour during roasting. Read more about our options to roast green on our roasting equipment page.





Airflow Control

Experience the ultimate airflow control on all Giesen coffee roasters. Try lots of different ways to create your best roasting profile, while experimenting with advanced options. Standard included free of charge.

Drumspeed Control

Adjust the drumspeed on your Giesen roaster to gain even more control of your roasting process. Combined with the airflow control you can create consistent roasting profiles. Standard included free of charge.

Roaster Control

Roaster Control

Our control panel is easy to use and displays all relevant parameters. Making it possible to control actual and automatically set the target temperatures. Keeping the quality of your roasts consistent. 

Low Noise

Low Noise Roasting

Our roasters are equipped with low noise fans, to maintain a low noise level. 


1 Exhaust

Easy to install, reduces the use of energy, lowering your operating costs.

Roast Green

We offer state-of-the-art burner technology and sustainable roasting solutions to roast green. Better for the environment and lowers operating costs.

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