Online Roasting Course

Are you ready to roast?

Our ambassador Cisca personally helped roasters all over the world to improve their skills. 

That’s why she decided to launch her own online course. Explaining everything very clear and guiding you through the entire process of roasting, beginning to end. 

Getting Started

All the necessary ingredients you need for successful roasting explained in three categories

Giesen Settings explained

Settings explained to fire up your roaster by showing you five different roasts on Giesen W6 Series

What are you getting?

evaluate your roasts

Learn the results of your roasts: how to cup the previous five roasts and determine success

Maintaining consistency

At the end you know how to maintain the right consistency in your roasts and EXTRA material to help transform you in a professional roaster

She wants to help roasters who have problems with their skills with sharing her vision of roasting.

By explaining everything very clear and guiding you through the entire process of roasting, beginning to end. From green bean until the cleaning of your machine.  

Difficulty level


Learn Period

5+ hours

Knowledge Required


Course Language


For who is this course?

For everyone who searched the internet for a clear instruction on how to roast but ended up more confused than before. Or if you’ve started a roast with confidence only to end it by not understanding what went wrong during the process. By not understanding the roasting process you’re not getting to your goal of becoming a roast master.

Our ambassador Cisca has the solution for you. She knew she had to develop an online roasting course to share her knowledge and vision about coffee roasting.


Miss Morrison
miss morrison

“I received so many emails with different personal stories, dreams and ambitions, but they all had something in common: how do you create the perfect roast? This is why I decided to share my vision and created an online roasting course together with Giesen.” 

Cisca Colijn

Giesen Ambassador

Frequently asked questions

What is covered in the online course?

Beginning with the basics of coffee production and ingredients for successful roasting, the course covers the defects in green coffee and how to recognize them. Next, the course will help you set-up your roast and explains various settings.  

How many different roasts will I learn?

Cisca will show you five different roasting methods, including her own Miss Morrison Method. By reviewing and cupping these roasts you will get a full understanding of what settings and aspects can influence a roast.  

How much time will the online course take?

The course has a couple hours of material. All the material is available online, where you move through the reading and video tutorial material at your own pace.

I don’t own a Giesen, does this matter?

The brand of coffee roaster does not matter that much. It is a course that uses a Giesen roaster but it is mostly focuses on developing your own roasting method. It’s about the roasting process and how you can develop your skills.

Customer reviews

Read what others have to say about this course. 

“The only thing I could find about roasting, were fragments of the process. It wasn’t very useful. The online course tells me the whole process. Thanks to this course I can create my own roasting method.”
Coffee Roaster
Thank you for the information in the course as we have definitely improved our coffee since following your course. Much appreciated!
Coffee Roaster
the Netherlands

Upgrade your roasting Knowledge Now!

We know you have the dream to become a roaster. You have the ambition to work hard, the will to develop the skills and the creativity to dream bigger. You only need one thing. A small push in the right direction to start. This is that push. Are you ready to develop yourself into the roaster you want to be? Make a new choice, invest in yourself and pursue your full potential!