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In our blog, we share the latest Giesen news, events we are attending and loads of roasting info. Together with our customers and distributors, we share insights in the wonderful world of coffee roasting. There are also interviews and background stories from roasters and coffee professionals.  Like our distributors, roasting champions and ambassadors. Overall much to read and to enjoy!

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Giesen Profiler Frequently Asked Questions
Giesen Profiler

Giesen Profiler FAQ

Giesen Profiler FAQ Here you will find the Giesen Profiler FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions. If you have questions that are not listed, add them in

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  • @toothlesscoffee and their beautiful setup featuring the W1 and W6. Great colors! 🔥 📷 @caffeinetizen
  • Great looking setup in the all-new @falconroasters roastery. We wish you all the best in exploring the art of the roast 🔥
  • We from @giesencoffeeroasters hope you're having a great weekend! How do you like your coffee on a Saturday afternoon?⠀
📷 @normcorecoffee
  • We would like to congratulate @sleepercoffee with their beautiful machine. Happy roasting! 🔥
  • "The @giesencoffeeroasters W6 series is easy to use, flexible and has a great appearance. If you're looking for a professional starting model with the perfect combination of functionalities, capacity, and size, the W6 series is the perfect fit for you!"⠀
📷 @goodtaste_coffee
  • @yooseungkwon from #newwavecoffeeroasters is still roasting. Keeping the beans in full flow! 🔥

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