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W15A Coffee Roaster

The Giesen W15A Coffee Roaster is versatile and flexible, with a production capacity from 500 gr. up to 15 kg. Roast and cool at the same time to increase your production capacity. With our W15A you can roast 60 kg. per hour, which is an entire bag of coffee.

Roasting equipment

Enhance your roasting experience with our roasting equipment. We know it’s easier to work with the right set of tools!

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For more information about our W15A. 

Our W15A Coffee Roaster



The W15A is known to be an accurate and easy to control coffee roaster.


With our W15A you can roast from 500 gr. up to 15 kg per batch. Increase your production and roast up to 60kg. per hour.

Double walled roasting drum

Made of high quality cast iron and steel. Retains and distributes heat evenly and consistently.

why people love our w15A

W15A Icon 3


W15A Icon 3

Roast non stop

W15A Icon 3

Easy to control

W15A Icon 3

Lower emissions

makes roasting quick and easy

This model is perfect for a middle large roastery. The Giesen W15A coffee roaster has a capacity of 500 gr. up to 15 kg per batch. Like all Giesen Coffee Roasters, there is the possibility to roast and cool at the same time. 


The W15A is known to be a very accurately controllable coffee roaster. Because of this, it is still very suitable for larger batches of specialty coffee. With the fast cooling motor, it is possible to quickly cool your roasted coffee beans. This decreases the total production time. 

Add an external cyclone to your W15A and start roasting non-stop. A cyclone collects the chaffs that comes from the roasted beans. Because of this, the beans that come into the cooling sieve are separated from the chaffs and after cooling down can be processed immediately. You don’t have to clean the chaffs out of the roaster between roasting, because the cyclone is external. It is also easier to clean the coffee roaster when using an external cyclone. 


Congratulations, your business is expanding! Happy customers that love your coffee=more cups of coffee sold=increased capacity= more roasting= more lifting of heavy sacks. 

To reduce manual handling tasks which return on a daily basis, we introduce our Green Coffee Conveyor with scale. So no more lifting and moving heavy sacks  above your head, repeated bending and scooping! The green coffee conveyor automatically transports your green coffee to the hopper. If you are looking for a completely automated coffee roasting process a green coffee conveyor is a must. 

Most importantly, the speed of which the daily chores can be performed is much higher, providing better working economies as well as reduced risk. The beans are transported through the delivery line by using suction. The green coffee conveyor is available with or without weighing cells.

No more lifting




0,5 – 15 kilograms


All power supplies

Gas type

Natural and propane


200 mm



750 kg






Airflow Control

Experience the ultimate airflow control on all Giesen coffee roasters. Try lots of different ways to create your best roasting profile, while experimenting with advanced options. Standard included free of charge.

Drumspeed Control

Adjust the drumspeed on your Giesen roaster to gain even more control of your roasting process. Combined with the airflow control you can create consistent roasting profiles. Standard included free of charge.

Roaster Control

Roaster Control

Our control panel is easy to use and displays all relevant parameters. Making it possible to control actual and automatically set the target temperatures. Keeping the quality of your roasts consistent. 

Low Noise

Low Noise Roasting

Our roasters are equipped with low noise fans, to maintain a low noise level. 


1 Exhaust

Easy to install, reduces the use of energy, lowering your operating costs.

Roast Green

We offer state-of-the-art burner technology and sustainable roasting solutions to roast green. Better for the environment and lowers operating costs.

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