Moisture of green coffee beans

One of the factors that plays a critical role in the roasting process is the moisture of green coffee beans. In this blog, we will focus on this factor and explain its effect. We will cover the different phases the coffee beans go through, and the characteristics of these phases.

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Before you start roasting

Controlling the entire process in coffee means you have to start at the beginning; the green bean. In this article we would like to elaborate on the things you need to consider before you start roasting, the different variations in coffee beans there are, and how you as a roaster can differentiate your specialty roast from your competition.

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Coffee cup with roasts

Coffee roast levels: the characteristics and differences

All coffee based drinks have their own unique characteristics and taste. And that’s a good thing because otherwise, we might as well all drink the same. Luckily that isn’t the case and in many coffee places, there is a huge assortment of beverages to choose from, as well as there are differences in coffee roast levels to choose from.

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Time to shift your business

In this blog we would like to share some ideas you could implement in your company that could help you to shift your business and overcome these difficult times. We understand that the options we mention most likely are things you as an entrepreneur have been thinking about yourself. But maybe we give you new insights to implement in your business that you haven’t thought of yet. Our goal with this blog is to inspire you. 

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