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  • @toothlesscoffee and their beautiful setup featuring the W1 and W6. Great colors! 🔥 📷 @caffeinetizen
  • Great looking setup in the all-new @falconroasters roastery. We wish you all the best in exploring the art of the roast 🔥
  • We from @giesencoffeeroasters hope you're having a great weekend! How do you like your coffee on a Saturday afternoon?⠀
📷 @normcorecoffee
  • We would like to congratulate @sleepercoffee with their beautiful machine. Happy roasting! 🔥
  • "The @giesencoffeeroasters W6 series is easy to use, flexible and has a great appearance. If you're looking for a professional starting model with the perfect combination of functionalities, capacity, and size, the W6 series is the perfect fit for you!"⠀
📷 @goodtaste_coffee
  • @yooseungkwon from #newwavecoffeeroasters is still roasting. Keeping the beans in full flow! 🔥

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