Used Coffee Roasters

Giesen Coffee Roasters is specialized in the production of new coffee roasters. However we also have ample experience in the renovation of used coffee roasters. Perhaps you want to trade in your used coffee roaster upon buying a new Giesen Coffee Roaster or maybe you prefer to operate your business with a renovated, used coffee roaster. In both cases we can help you.

Special trade-in premium for your used coffee roaster

Coffee roasters have a very long lifecycle. This is mainly due to the use high quality materials and obviously also depends on the intensity with which a machine is used. Many companies are considering to switch their machines to the latest technology, but are still in the possession of working coffee roasters. Should this be your case please contact us because we can offer you an attractive trade-in premium for used coffee roasters upon buying a new Giesen Coffee Roaster.

The restoration of used coffee roasters

With our 25 years of experience in producing parts of coffee roasters as well as entirely new coffee roasters, we have built up our extensive knowledge of correct operation and custom made adjustments to coffee roasters. We enjoy employing this knowledge by renovating used coffee roasters, especially from our own Giesen brand or Probat. All parts of the coffee roasters have a very long lifecycle and usually it is possible to renovate the older used coffee roasters to meet the new demands of the market.

Buying a used coffee roaster

Usually we take apart the entire machine to be able to restore it properly, revise the motor and recolor all the parts for a good looking exterior. When the used coffee roasters are of a much older age, it can be necessary to replace the outdated gas and electrical installations entirely to meet the modern requirements. Usually our customers prefer some custom made solutions that match their business and specific applications of the used coffee roasters. This is why we always consult with our customers first to fully understand the requirements, applications and expectations. Then we start the restoration process transforming old used coffee roasters into highly qualified, good looking and well functioning coffee roasters. These used coffee roasters are not only able to meet the requirements of modern coffee roasting, but will also have a renewed long life cycle ahead of them.

More information

Should you have any questions regarding used coffee roasters, trade-in premiums or availability, please do not hesitate to contact us.