Coffee bin

Coffee is a beautiful product and the favourite beverage of a lot of people. Especially when the coffee beans are freshly and carefully roasted, they smell and look great. With the right presentation in your shop, this product will be even more appealing to your customers.

Special coffee bin for perfect display

The right display is a very important element in presenting roasted coffee beans. This is the reason why Giesen Coffee Roasters also added special coffee bins to their assortment. These bins are especially suited for coffee shops, roasteries with direct sales and catering establishments like hotels, bars or restaurants where whole coffee beans are used.

Combination of right presentation and storage

A high quality coffee bin is perfect for the right presentation as well as the storage of roasted coffee beans. They are all made of the quality material stainless steel and are available in three different metal fronts: VA polished, Gold Hairline (brass) and Mirror Polished (chromed).

The coffee bin comes in two sizes

There are 2 different sizes available: The Coffee Bin CP6 and CP12. The Coffee Bin CP6 can contain 6 kg. of roasted coffee beans or a volume of approximately 18 liters. The Coffee Bin CP12 is twice the size and can contain 12 kg. of roasted coffee beans or a volume of approximately 36 liters. The exact content of a coffee bin will obviously depend on the type of coffee beans and roasting method that was used.

High quality material for a long lifecycle

The coffee bins are all placed in a stainless steel frame with a forward fold. This makes it very easy to replenish the coffee bin with freshly roasted coffee beans. The spout at the bottom of the coffee bin makes it easy to fill coffee bags for your customers or tap the right amount for immediate usage. Because of the solid design and application of high quality materials these coffee bins have a very long lifecycle. This makes them a beautiful and sustainable addition to the interior of your shop, roastery or restaurant.

More information

Should you have any questions regarding our coffee bins or require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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