Giesen W15 A Coffee Roaster

This model is perfect for a middle large roastery. The Giesen W15 Coffee Roaster has a production capacity from 500 gr. up to 15 kg. As with all the Giesen Coffee Roasters, it is possible to roast and cool at the same time increasing the total production capacity. Because of these features the coffee roaster enables you to roast nearly 60 kg. per hour, which is an entire coffee bag.

Choosing the Giesen W15 Coffee Roaster

Depending on the type of your business, the Giesen W15 Coffee Roaster could be the perfect roaster to start with. We have also had many customers in the past who started out with the Giesen W6 Coffee Roaster and then switched to the W15 as business developed. The great advantage of this switch is the fact that all installation is the same. You can use the same chimney, gas and electric installations as with the W6 and more than double the production capacity. The benefit of the Giesen W15 Coffee Roaster is – besides the production increase – that the Roast Profile System is prepared for. This is a software preinstalled at a dedicated external laptop that enables you to record a roast and replay proven roast recipes at any time.

The advantage of a double walled roasting drum

The drum and the front plate of the Giesen W15 Coffee Roaster are made of cast iron. The drum itself is double-walled with cast iron on the outside and soft steel on the inside. This combines the attribute of cast iron of retaining and distributing the heat evenly with the capacity of steel that enable you to make rapid changes in the roast profile temperature during the roasting process.

The quality of a Giesen Coffee Roaster

As all of our coffee roasters, the Giesen W15 Coffee Roaster has a beautiful artisan design, roasting features of the highest professional quality and is very easy to clean and maintain. Because the Giesen W15 Coffee Roaster is delivered with the Roast Profile System, it will increase the professionalism of your roasting process and quality of your end product. This will also make the roasting process easier and faster. And should it be required for any reason, this coffee roaster can always be operated manually.

More information

Should you have any questions regarding the Giesen W15 Coffee Roaster, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Roaster Capacity: 500 – 15 kg
Amperage: 16A
Exhaust diameter: Ø 200 mm
Gas: Propane / Butane / Naturalgas
Electrical supply: 1 phase 230V / 50-60 HZ
Roaster Weight: 720 kg
  • Roasting and cooling at the same time
  • Airflow control
  • Automatically flame adjustment control
  • Energy efficiency
  • Very easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Button on control unit for destoner
  • Destoner (option)
  • Profile roast system included laptop
  • Complete CE tested.
  • Completely built in the Netherlands