About Giesen Coffee Roasters

Giesen Coffee Roasters is the producer of high quality coffee roasters that excell in quality, appearance and functionalities. Because of our high level of quality and the constant availability of our support team Giesen Coffee Roasters is one of the top brands of coffee roasters.

Why choose for Giesen Coffee Roasters?

Production facility in The Netherlands

In the small village of Ulft in the east of the Netherlands near the German border, you can find our production centre. Giesen Coffee Roasters is becoming a well-known brand and we are very proud of that. We aim to produce the best coffee roasters in the highest quality segment for shops, roasteries and industrial purposes.

Development of products

Our production process is carefully monitored and streamlined. Even after 30 years of experience Giesen Coffee Roasters always stays alert and we constantly seeking improvements. This can be adjusting an existing type of coffee roaster or develop a completely new machine, that meets the latest demands of the customers. We also produce customized coffee roasters to meet specific needs of the business of our customers.

The best in support and service

Besides quality Giesen Coffee Roasters aims to provide their customers the best of service. We treat every customer, small or large, in the same professional way. We just want our machines to work perfectly and do their job. In this way you can be assured that when you buy one of the Giesen Coffee Roasters, that we will accompany you from the beginning to the end.


Giesen Coffee Roasters
Industrieweg 13 – 15
7071 CK Ulft